Tuesday, June 25, 2013

the washington surprise :: part 2

at the beginning of our trip, i noticed how tall the trees were, how blue the skies were, and i saw the whitest, fluffiest clouds. it was cloudy for the first several days we were there. and Josh and Leslie kept telling me that i'd see the mountain soon, once the clouds floated away.
it's funny, though, because i wasn't sure what to expect. see, "the mountain" was behind these clouds somewhere to the right (below photo). but all you can see are these clouds and other mountains, or hills, as they called them. so i wasn't totally sure what to expect. the photo above is a road that leads to their home. the below photo is looking out to the left, the driver's side window. so we waited for nature to be kind to us and show us Mt. Rainier. in the meantime, everything was so green and tall and gorgeous and lush.

two days afer i got there, i saw this amazing sight, below. i took an instagram photo and posted it to my facebook page. then i grabbed my big girl camera. because, i mean, wow. i honestly thought the end of the rainbow was something that didn't exist, i thought perhaps it didn't actually touch the ground anywhere, ever. God is so good, and he showed me His glory and that the end of the rainbow was real and really did touch the ground. see it? just in front of the little trailer in the neighbor's yard? i mean it's a little hard to see, but it's there, i promise. and behind the house over there is the end of the second rainbow. it was so awe inspiring. i imagine rainbows are seen often here, because it rains so often. not all the time, mind you. but randomly and quietly. unlike here in Texas, where it rains giant, loud raindrops.

and then the next day, the clouds cleared up so i could see another amazing sight. we walked just a little ways to get these photos. it was incredible, and for whatever reason, i didn't expect it to be so... so ... i dunno, close? visible? amazing? i just didn't expect the amazing sight i saw. but i was glorious. and God was just showing me more his amazing creation.
after we walked back to the house, baby boy go to sit in grass that was lush and free of prickly stickers. (we don't have grass out our house, and in OK, all the grass had stickers). he really had mixed feelings about the grass. and he definitely wouldn't walk on it. it was awesome seeing Leslie practice her new camera skills, using manual mode, as well.
he really enjoyed pulling up the grass. and here are more funny Greyson faces.
you just don't see cute little creatures like this where i live way out in West Texas. no. you see giant mosquitoes, big o' gnats, big spiders. not cutie frogs. Toby, can we move now? i kid, i kid. i just loved the scenery so much. (also, pretend like Josh' hand is the proper color, mkay?)

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  1. Why must the request to move here a joke? You'd fit in so well here with your hippy-esque-ness (which totally seems normal to me, and not hippy at all). ;) I love reading through these posts and seeing memories that were captured in your camera. I had even forgotten all about that little frog. Funny, I was there for all of this but I'm perched on the edge of my seat, impatiently waiting for the next installment. lol


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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