Tuesday, June 25, 2013

the washington surprise :: part 3

three days after i got in, Leslie and her two younger boys took Grey and me to Northwest Trek. um, if you have never been, and you live in that area or visit there (like 45min to 1hr from Seattle, right?), then please go. it's so amazing. i very much enjoyed everything about it. we took a picnic lunch, our kids, our cameras, and i took everything in.

these birds are flightless due to prior injuries, but it was still so cool to see them up close. 
see also: greenery is hard for me to photograph and edit. also, i brought only two lenses, my 85mm and my wide angle. i wanted Leslie to see the benefits of good glass, so she used my 85 and i used my handy wide angle. (that's for you other photog nerds junkies friends).
 for real, i have only seen a few Bald Eagles fly over the Arkansas River in my time, but never this close.
 it was seriously so beautiful here. this was when we were walking to the tram, i had to stop and snap.
 these next ones were on the tram, so some are through the glass. but seriously, these creatures would be right up beside the tram. some even laid straight in the middle of the road.
 hearing the history of this area was so neat. you could probably google NW Trek if you are curious.
 honestly, i should have had my shutter speed higher, but i didn't really care. they are still fabulous memories that i captured.
 baby buffalo!
 and my girl using her new found skills. this makes my heart happy.
 baby mister was in the sling (and slept) for the tram ride, but he rode in Leslie's stroller for the rest of the journey. he gets all grabby-hands when i try to photograph anything while we're babywearing.
 and it was chilly out this day. but i didn't mind, of course. in West Texas it was much much warmer. like, high 90s, 100ish.
 one of her boys found this little critter on the railing. we had caterpillars everywhere growing up. since we moved to a drier, hotter area, i haven't seen hardly any, so this was fun.
 obviously the wolf was neat. but see the fungus? we ain't got that, neither. i mean, we don't have that, either. sorry, the country girl took over for a moment. in fact, i just remembered that i was going to collect some moss and lichen to bring back for the boys since we studied botany this last year. speaking of, wait til you hear what we're doing for homeschool this year.
 everything was just so, so pretty.
 and tall. really, really tall. (in Texas, we grow shrubs).
 oh, hey, bear.
 and of course, we don't really have pretty snails. i have seen exactly one frog and one slug since moving here.

i realize these photos are, technically, not the greatest, but i have always struggled with photographing greenery. and using the right lens makes a whole lot of difference! (i was so happy Leslie got to use "the right lens" since i always get plen.ty of practice). but there it is, another day of our visit. in between these fun things, we chatted our lives to each other. kids. homeschool. emotions. photography. marriage. friendship. and much more. it was so wonderful, being able to just be me and chat and know she wouldn't criticize, or judge, or think less. it was just wonderful to be there. and, Leslie, you are so right, it will NOT be another ten years.


  1. I'm enjoying reading about your trip to Washington. Isn't the view just breathtaking up there?! Tony is from Washington (small town south of Seattle/Tacoma) and I've always loved visiting. My favorite is Fall because the colors are absolutely beautiful. Glad you had the chance to visit...seems like it was a blessing and well deserved for you to get the break!

    1. thank you!! it is so breathtaking! my friends live in a small town, too, but i'm not sure which direction from Seattle! oh, i bet fall *is* amazing. and yes, it was a huge blessing, something i didn't realize i needed so much.

  2. I'm almost feeling bad that I was hogging the other lens now. Being a photog newbie I had no idea how different the 85 and the wide angle lenses were until the end of your visit. Also, do you think, that just perhaps, photographing and editing green might present a challenge because you're not, well, inundated with its presence all.the.time? Please tell me yes, because I think I may cry if you tell me it's just a hard color to shoot and edit, seeing as I'm completely surrounded by it and have no hope of taking a picture that isn't at least touched by green. ;)


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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