Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the washington surprise :: part 4

the next evening, we went down to one of the little surrounding towns to go walk the Orting Trail. by the way, all the little towns near where they live are so charming. all of the quaintness and beauty really have me asking God if we'll ever get a chance to live somewhere that is beautiful and lush. it's always been a desire of my heart to live somewhere with green and water and trees and more for the kids to do. someday, hopefully. all in God's timing.

we call that a bunny trail, peeps. as i was saying, before we loaded up, i captured some photos of my little baby mister exploring his surroundings. and if you feel like you have seen this first photo before, that's because i have a very, very similar one of Jonyn close to this age, in close to the same position, with a similar background. (i was going to link to it, but maybe i never posted it).
and if you look veeeerrry closely, you can see his bottom buds. there are no teeth there, yet. we kept thinking he'd pop one before i left, they were just that close to the surface. but he didn't, he waited til the day after i got back, the 19th (my 31st birthday, ahem) to break his first tooth. thanks, kid, momma loves you.
i'm about 95% positive i shot these with the 85mm. 
and also, toddlers toddling away from the camera, a favorite scene of mine to photograph.
there's that glorious mountain, again. this time in between ground and clouds. (and i know this was with the 85).
oh, here we are, the Orting Trail.
i wish everyone could have seen the sun setting on those trees. this photo does not do it justice at all. it was beautiful.
sun making mountain glow.
it was just another day for us to just be. to chat it up some more. to eat real food. did i mention i had a couple of steaks that came from happy, med free, grass fed cows? oh my dear, it was so good. anyways, it was a joy to hang out with their family here, to see a little more of where they live, and to enjoy God's oh so clever designs.


  1. I love those pictures of Grey! I want to pick him up and snuggle him.

  2. Okay, I just have to comment on this one. Because? That cow... seriously the most random thing I've seen all day.


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