Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the washington surprise :: part 5

Sunday, after church, we packed up a lunch and drove the 45 minutes or so to Seattle. i sat in the back with Grey, so naturally, he screamed most of the trip because he could see me. (thanks, kid). here are little snippets of the trip. thanks, Josh and Leslie, for taking me out there. i was sort of in awe, sort of amazed, sort of jealous that the market was so near (not that i would go every weekend or anything, but it sure does make a fun occasional day trip). Seattle is beautiful city, so full of life, so full of interesting people and amazing scenery. the hippie in me wants to go there and never leave. truly, i get weird looks from people when i talk about my lifestyle here where i live now. but no one would bat an eye there. (yes, i always feel judged when i talk about our lifestyle. and now you know). so here are some random shots i managed to get in between my gawking.

the next day, Monday, was my last day to visit. i really didn't want it to end. but i'll share that stuff later. Washington friends, what a beautiful state you live in. don't ever take it for granted, it is glorious. what a fun day this was!

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  1. At work we read a book about The Pike Market. (I'm guessing this is the one?) Now I have to go find it. :)


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