Thursday, June 27, 2013

the washington surprise :: part 6, the finale

oh monday, i did not want to see you end. Leslie and i just hung out all day, and that evening took a little trip to target and staples to just look around and be alone. we chatted homeschool a lot while i was there (so that's why staples). it was refreshing to bounce ideas off each other (which i will share in another post), and it was so awesome seeing her set up. (i've already shared my new set up).

it was starting to sprinkle when we stepped outside for these photos (thanks, Josh!!) and the clouds were overhead, so we are a little shadowy around the eyes. nonetheless, i love these photos so so much. and i shall print and cherish them forever. see also: 38lbs lost. holla!! see also also: i stand weird when i'm on the other side of the camera. *gulp.* someone teach me how to stand. i can direct, but apparently cannot do.

and Leslie, you look so amazing, i just couldn't get over it. amazing, my friend. in so many ways, you haven't changed a bit. and in so many ways, you have grown more amazing and more beautiful.

also, this friend of mine, was so so sneaky! one of our target trips, i found a purse that i absolutely fell in love with, but didn't want to spend the money on right then. and during our trip to Seattle i found several teas that i wanted but only bought two flavors. turns out, my sneaky friend, surprised me with an early birthday gift and it happened to be that purse and the other canister of tea i passed on at World Market. sneaky, i tell you. so then we hugged. and then we cried. how on earth was it coming to an end? the best week i have had in so long, the break from the daily grind i so desperately needed, the friendship my soul had missed right there in front of me. how could it already be over? but then we dried our eyes and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

tuesday morning, i was up at 3:15am to get ready to head to the airport. i got up and got around and got all of my stuff loaded (well, Josh loaded it) and then it was time. i had been able to hold the tears until this very moment. the moment the baby was being loaded into the car and i had no choice but to say goodbye. all i kept thinking since i went to bed the night before was i can't believe i'm leaving. i really couldn't. that moment when we hugged and cried and hugged and cried and whispered goodbyes and thank yous and i love yous through the tears was one of the toughest things i have ever had to do. friends like this are so hard to come by. we women are so hard on each other and so judge-y that when you find this, it's hard to let go of. ten years ago, watching her move away was tough. but this, this was so so bittersweet. i would get to see my men again, but i had to say goodbye to my friend who i only go to spend a week with. honestly, one of the best weeks of my life. i cried off and on as we drove to the airport. i cried when the plane took off. i mean, i was really leaving. and it was hard. but reflecting on the week, i couldn't have asked for anything better. as much as it was a birthday gift for her, it was truly a birthday gift for me as well.

thank you for doing this, Josh. for wanting to surprise her with me. i can't express how much it meant to me, and i know it meant even more to your lovely bride. next year, or the year after at the very latest, we'll visit again, mkay?


  1. Oh dear, I'm crying again. Seems to be my thing lately. That goodbye was by far and away the hardest goodbye I've ever had to say. How bittersweet. I can't thank you enough for the visit.

    And I promise, it won't be another 10 years! ;)


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