Monday, July 1, 2013

beating up dad.

the boys love doing this. you know, jumping on dad, beating him up, crawling all over him. all the while hootin' and hollerin', being loud little maniacs. it's so fun to watch, too. rough housing with dad has got to be, like, one of the bestest things when it comes to little boys. at least in this house. i mean, when dad sits down, it only makes sense to jump on him when you're four and two.

brennen, of course, likes to make sure to dish out plenty of daddy hugs after he finishes up beating him down.

{and yes, that's jo in wind pants and long sleeves in 100+ degree weather. he prefers to dress himself. but not to worry, i make him change out of the winter clothes before we go outside}


  1. One day 5 boys will take him down.
    Can't wait for those pictures!!! :)

  2. Of course, it only seems natural that when he sits down for a moment of rest that the boys should choose that moment in time to attack. ;) I particularly loved the 4th picture. The hand reaching out for help is hysterical. lol

  3. haha! I LOVE those pictures, Brooke! Poor Toby!


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