Friday, July 5, 2013

friday's top ten 07.05.2013

hey. i've been posting a lot of stuff lately, huh? lucky for me, i'm allowed. you can probably expect regular posts til about september, when we start school back up.
1. i really hope you enjoyed your fourth. we cooked out here at home and made ice cream. sadly, even sparklers are not allowed in city limits, so the boys didn't get to play with fire, and i didn't get any of the photos i dreamed up of them using sparklers. nonetheless, i very much enjoyed having a quiet night at home. oh, we also played a zombie video game with the boys, that was fun. {i'm totally that wife, and proud of it. you know the one, the one who gets involved in her husband's interests without expecting him to always be involved in hers. win win.}

2. we're thinking it might be time for a brennen hair cut. his natural part changed and his hair likes to fall straight forward now. we're also thinking, that if we follow through with it, it'll be one of those long haired boyish cuts, instead of the buzz cut the others get.

3. pretty sure my thyroid meds are too high, causing my hair to fall out in wads, my skin to rash out, and my mood to be redonk. the plus side to this, is that too high, means i've lost weight, so my thyroid doesn't have to work so hard to keep up with hormone production.

4. a public letter to brennen:

dear son,
i love you. oh i love you so much. you are sunshine, you beam joy, you radiate happy. but, honey, momma is tired of wiping two butts. momma wants you to use the potty. and like all good parents, i'm comparing you to your brothers: they were done by this time. jonyn only took a week. can't you be like them? please? i love you, but i don't love your stanky diapers. the toilet is not as scary as you think, promise. it's fun and awesome and you get to flush! so, use the potty, will ya?
love, mom.

5. you guys, the weather this week? a-freakin'-mazing. i have had the windows and doors open til around noon everyday because it has been so cool and breezy. i know it won't last, but i'll take it! it is july in west texas, after all.

6. i have a baby watermelon! it's the first fruit i've actually seen in my garden, and it's teensy, but it's there. i'm a proud baby plant momma.

7. y'all i have so many big dreams swirling around in my head. i need to start keeping a journal of them and the new ideas that come with them, so that when the Lord is ready for me to do more, i can!

8. if you need a great, short-ish Bible study, is starting a new study on monday. you can find them on the YouVersion app (which i love), too.

9. can you believe greyson will be one on monday? me neither. he's still the baby, though, until i say otherwise. it's hard to imagine that i won't have any more little babies in the house after this next year. crazy.

10. i feel so unmotivated to try any harder to lose weight right now. and i'm pretty sure that feeling is all thyroid related. so hopefully after i go to the doctor to have it adjusted, i will feel more like myself and more motivated to get past this 38lb plateau.

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