Friday, July 12, 2013

friday's top ten 07.12.2013

hi, friends. i really want to say thank you for stopping by this space. i love to hear your thoughts. and we all know i have a bigger than average family and have been married since i was an 18 year old baby, and over the years i've turned into a hippie of sorts. so that leads to number one.

1. any questions you are wondering about either my family or myself? i'll do my best to answer them.

2. brennen will use the potty now. but. but only if he's stark nekkid. no spidey big boys, no training undies, just him in the buff. and that's okay. i can deal with that. i'm so over changing his stanky booty.
3. i'm kind of cranky lately. lack of sleep does it to me. grey's sleep patterns are still erratic. someday, right? someday he'll sleep "like a baby." the person who coined that either got really lucky as a first time mom, or was a dad who slept so hard he never woke up to hear the baby awake. it's like the "terrible twos." no no no. it's the threes that'll getcha. and sometimes early fours. but mostly threes. and i will be back in the throws of the threes in a few short months.

4. i'm trying to start a playgroup because i really would love more mom friends here in town. but i'm nervous, because i'm not all social and stuff. but this is my effort to stop pity partying and get out there to make some new friends. when i just had two babies, i was part of a playgroup that resulted in some really really great friends. friends that have moved away but that i still love and cherish and converse with.

5. God is faithful, y'all. He really is. He has blessed my family back home beyond measure this week. i am in awe and full of gratitude and it brings me to tears to think of the generosity of others when they are willing to be used by the Lord. i hope and pray that when the Lord calls me to be faithful and generous, that i can willingly and cheerfully obey.

6. i am still not picking up my camera everysingleday, but i am using it more. i think this business break God has put before me has re-sparked my love for photos and my love for photographing my family and my love for my camera in general. that makes my heart sing.

7. 'member when i mentioned i had lots of dreams swirling around in my head? one is to teach others how to use their camera in manual mode. to come to their homes and teach them about light. to give them tips on capturing the beauty of life around them, the details, the big things and small, the ordinary that someday you they will be glad they photographed.

8. i mean, i don't think i'm a fantastic teacher. but i think i could do it, teach people how to get photos that speak to them.

9. grey still only has his two bottom teeth. they are sweet. he is sweet. i adore him. and also, i plan on making attempt one at taking his one year photos. wish me luck.

10. the boys were banned from any kind of screen time for one week. mostly, just a break. not that they get a whole ton of screen time, but we just feel that they need uninterrupted breaks on occasion. it brings out the imagination in them and that, i adore. creativity abounds as well, and that makes my heart really happy.

happy weekend, lovelies.

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