Friday, July 19, 2013

friday's top ten 07.19.2013

hey, peeps. so how's your week? mine has been up and down up and down.

if you're fairly new around here, i like to stop each friday and make a list of random things. why? oh, i don't know. probably just because it's little snippets of my life that may otherwise go undocumented.

1. hoh, man! we lost pacifiers yesteday. yes, plural. can't find them anywhere. with grey, we've lost probably 10 or more over the past seven-ish months. i don't even know how. i know a few have disappeared while we were out and about. but lemme tell ya, losing them at night before bed and hunting all over the house to no avail. well. that's awful. especially when we (i) hadn't planned on taking the pacies away for another couple of months. i'm potty training one kid, i don't wanna start another big trial or project in the middle of toilet practice.

all that to say this: last night was a long, long night. long. very long. and grey is still sleeping. and it's 10:50am, my time.
{slightly blown out, slightly blurry, but still, i love this photo}

2. speaking of toilet practicing, brennen is doing pretty well. the only thing we're running into is this: when we actually put undies, aka: big boys, on him, he uses them like a diaper. when he's nekkid, he uses the toilet like a champ. so he's nekkid a lot. but he did go to the nursery wednesday night in undies and stayed completely dry til bedtime. that was nice.

3. so i have this gnarly zit on the side of my face that is so awesome it's causing my nodes under my ear to become swollen and tender. {insert my sarcastic face here}. pretty sure my thyroid is causing me to break out like a teenage boy right now.

4. speaking of, you know this if you follow me on instagram... my thyroid feels out of whack, so i have an appointment on monday to check it. thank the Lord. i feel very unstable right now.

and speaking of, i use speaking of a lot, whether or not what i'm about to say relates to what was just said. this "speaking of" phase is a lot like the "also" phase i went through. it's a quirk.

5. we have seen a looooot of rain this week. we even saw temps in the 70s. i mean, it was AWESOME. i didn't run my air for like, three days, in west texas, in july. y'all don't even know how amazing that is unless you live somewhere similar. and because it's been so ideal, i harvested my first produce from my garden that wasn't basil. a delicious zucchini that became my whole dinner last night.

6. now that we have two vehiculars, we go to the library a lot more. i find my kids reading so much during the day. i also found six or eight classic books for kids in the $1 bins at target. i snatched them up. books are one thing i want in abundance at my house for the boys. clothes? nah. toys? nah. but books? every darn day. yessiree.

7. i would love if you would link up HERE. and read more about the project HERE.

8. i have this strong desire to redo my kitchen cabinetry. i do not have the strong desire to spend the money it costs to do so. so i shall paint. again. someday. maybe in august?

9. i just want to rub it in your face that i, with my family of seven, have all of my laundry caught up. that includes sheets, towels, napkins, and diapers. i also want you to know that i keep my laundry caught up like that. and if you are willing to do 1-2 loads every single day, you, too, can keep your stuff washed, folded, and put away. it's one of the ways i keep from being overwhelmed on the weekends with "chores." see also: i make my kids take their own clothes to their drawers and closets. with threats of dismemberment if they mess up my neatly folded stacks.

10. we're doing this trial no screen time during the week thing. mostly because we were having some serious meltdowns over electronic devices. like, serious meltdowns.... uncontrollable screaming and crying. so we took them all away for one week. but it was so much more peaceful, that we're trying it this way for awhile. but i do have them go to their room to watch a movie a couple times during the week. on days i am having an especially hard time, that gives me time to rest my mind, and regroup my thoughts, and calm the heck down.

enjoy your weekend, enjoy your family and/or friends. find a babysitter, go on that much needed date. and extend a little extra kindness, because that little bit goes a long way.

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