Friday, July 12, 2013

greyson is O N E.

and i'm mom of the year. for real.

so the day started great. grey woke up late as usual, ate breakfast, played, chatted, lunched, napped and woke up from his nap to have his eggs and banana dinner. it was a sweet and simple day, nothing fancy. we just let him be him.

then it was time to get out the cameras and candles and cake. so i get his party hat out, too. greyson had his fingers in his mouth as i went to put it on his little head. in the process, his fingers caught the elastic string and as i was trying to untangle those freakishly strong fingers, the string popped his chubby little chin. immediate tears. and the saddest cry. i felt horrible.

but then i finally got the candle in the slice of cake that was all mangled because the cake i made was falling apart. and i thought it would be no big deal to light up that candle and take two or three photos.
he went straight for the flame. and started crying again.
but not to worry, i shoved a piece of cake in his mouth and all was well in the world again. cake makes everything better. until you're done eating it. then, when you're one, momma's milk makes everything better.

happy birthday, sweet sweet boy. momma promises not to pop you with elastic or burn your hands in the candle flames next year.


  1. Oh dear, what a day. lol I couldn't help but laugh at the trail of mishaps. We've all been there, so don't feel too bad. Happy birthday to your sweet Grey!

  2. oh ma gosh! hhehe, that greyson will forever hold this over your head! haha!


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