Wednesday, July 3, 2013

homeschool: the new plan(ner).

the title of this post could have gone either way. the new plan, because we have a new homeschool plan. or the new planner because i have designed my own homeschool planner. i'm just waiting on the ink to arrive in the mail. and for some reason, all mail delivery services run close to dinner time at our house, typically.

first, the plan.

when we first started homeschooling, i absolutely loved the idea of going year 'round and not having one long summer break. but then something happened. you see, i got pregnant and i went through postpartum depression at the same time. it was a cruel, cruel joke to have the hardest pregnancy of the five and suffer through anger issues from ppd. but anyhow. after baby five was determined to be due late june, i immediately decided we would not school all year (with more smaller breaks versus the one large break) because i wanted time to really rest and not think about such important things before greyson was born (which i'm so glad i did). plus, i wanted time after he was born to enjoy him and the other boys together without the added stress of school. so we worked furiously (on the days i felt okay) and finished up the first week of june. and i loved it, i loved having a summer break after all.

fast forward to the second year, and i decided i loved summer break so much that we would do it that way again. all was well because after school starts, you really get many scheduled breaks for holidays. it's in january that those longer breaks stop (except for one week of spring break). so we're schooling pretty well on schedule this second year, maybe one week behind. but no big, we just went through spring break so we could end our year the first week of may (we start first week of august). but let me tell you, right at the march mark, even with spring break, i am so so over it and ready to be done. d-o-n-e, done.

last month, while i was visiting my friend in washington, we talked so much about homeschool. it was so refreshing and amazing to bounce ideas off of someone who has been doing this much longer than i have, to hear her thoughts and opinions and ideas, to get feedback for mine. so we chatted, and this year, we have both decided to do school different: year 'round. and i'm so excited about it. and it turns out, our kids are, too! that was probably the biggest surprise for me. but it's good, right? usually, i'm burnt out (burned out? i dunno.) and ready for a big break after about three months. so the plan is to school for three months (observing birthdays and holidays) and take one month off. so we will be starting in september, taking december, april, and august off. and we'll adjust that if necessary, that is just our roughly laid plans. and i'm pumped!

second, the planner.

i made a planner for myself. i have been in search of the ultimate planner that fit all of my needs, but have yet to find it. so i designed one. i want to print just a few pages and test it out and adjust what i don't like about it before i print the whole shebang and have it spiral bound. wanna see?

 the cover. i love stripes and i love gray. so this.

the year at a glance page. kind of in love with it.

the goal page. i don't typically do monthly goals for our homeschool. but i might start now!

then i have pages with 36 weeks on it for roughly planning each week the things we need to accomplish.

then, my favorite part, the inside pages. most planners have them laid out by the week. i will print this front and back and use it as a daily schedule, putting the kids' names in yellow squares, each page representing one day of school. the other option is to put the first day of the week on the date, then use the squares for each day of the week. i'm hoping to do a video on how i will be using it.
pretty much, i'm excited! i'm ready to kick off the new year. i'm ready to start using this planner. i'm ready to sit and really lay out our schedule for the next year. if you see typos, let me know, mkay? i have already corrected a few (thank you, leslie!), but tend to miss typos when i'm looking at my own stuff.

so there it all is. boring to some, freakin' awesome to me!

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  1. I know I already said it, but it really does look fantastic! I love all the colors and fonts, and the fact that it's so personalized to your needs.


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