Sunday, July 21, 2013

scavenger hunt sunday 07/21/2013

hi friends. thanks for stopping in to have a peek. enjoy your visit!

1. camouflaged
perhaps a bit of a stretch, but these guys were hidden, or camouflaged,  under other plants in my garden. we actually had a lot of rain over the last week, so i think that's why these guys sprouted up. (i'm in west texas where rain is usually rare in the summertime so we never see things like this.)

2. nutty
my nutty kid and his need for beanies in the middle of summer.

3. alike
 this baby looks just like my his older brother when he was a baby. it's crazy. these are the only two of my five who looked alike as babies.

4. identical
these guys showed up on my parsley the other day. they're so pretty and they all look pretty much identical. because of where we live, i don't have the heart to move them.

5. jaunt
{one definition: to make a usually short journey for pleasure}
every week, we make the short journey to church to enjoy praise and worship and good words from the Bible. this week, my son was on stage helping lead a bit of kids music. i was one proud momma.

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