Friday, July 5, 2013

simple moments :: week 33

found being still

for this week, without the prompt, i would not have stopped to take these photos.

i realize brennen has consumed a lot of my simple moments posts, but he is just always conveniently the one fitting the prompts, so i go with it. i do want my other kids involved because there things i want to remember about their childhood as well. i just haven't found them within the prompts i have set for myself.

brennen used to be the first one to bed, the last to wake. he still loves him some bedtime, but now he's my earliest riser ninety percent of the time. so we usually get a good thirty minutes of just us time before the rest of the crowd starts rolling out of bed. and i do love it. because he's my happiest in the mornings, so that makes it easier for me, since i hate mornings and i very much dislike interacting with other humans before i'm fully awake and have had time to myself. true story. but this boy is so happy, that he makes it easy for me to enjoy it when he wakes and wanders in sleepy-eyed, thumb in mouth, baby (his taggie) in hand.

yesterday, i forgot to look for a photo for the prompt, and my honey has had the camera at work a couple days this week. so i caught this this morning; brennen enjoying the stillness of the morning.

this is one of those times i purposely broke the rules and underexposed to get the shot i had in my head when i saw him sitting here. i really, really love when the shot actually comes together like i imagined. sometimes that is super hard to do. can i get an Amen, photogs?

if you join in, your photos don't have to be artsy fartsy, they just need to be something you want to remember. in fact, you don't even need photos, write about it if you're more of a writer. you can even video it instead. we all have our medium that we prefer, i like using my camera with a few words.

next prompt: found with YOU (selfie suggested)
set your camera up somewhere, grab your spouse or friend, and snap a photo with your babies. you don't have to pose it. just gather up, be silly, hug real big, laugh, tickle fight, read together...whatever, just be together in a photo. promise that you won't regret it, promise.
simple moments: previous weeks
simple moments is about finding the small things that make up our everyday, things we want to remember and be thankful for. it's the little bits of our lives that might not be remembered when we are gray and old. so we document it, on paper, with a photo, in a journal, through a blog. join me?
ps, if you participate, would you pretty please link to me in your post somewhere? i would so much appreciate it. thank you!
coming up in july:
wk34 7/11 found with YOU (selfie suggested)
wk35 7/18 found after dark
wk36 7/25 found with emotion

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