Sunday, July 7, 2013

three little brothers

there once was a baby who found a monkey back pack, learned to put it around his neck on his own, and never wanted to take it off. true story.
also true, jonyn likes to grab grey by the hands and walk backwards with him. and sometimes in circles, too.
and this particular day, he asked b to come and grab grey's other hand. and so b did.

and this photo below resulted. it made me laugh out loud. and it may very well be my favorite photo of the year so far. each kid is in a different stage of dress, none polished. {b was diaperless because he had a stanky that i didn't know about and i haven't a clue how long he sat in it (i change them regularly, i think he dirtied right after a fresh change), so he had a bad rash when it came time to change. air seems to be the quickest healing method. so}.

(and ps, excuse the horribly painted cabinets).

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