Sunday, August 25, 2013

baby features in black and white

in case y'all don't know, there are two things i really love in my personal photography journey.
1. chopping off body parts. mostly heads.
2. capturing the details.

if you are trying to get more into photography, my biggest suggestions are these.
first, don't just snap your run of the mill standing up, pointing the camera where the subject is kind of photo. get on their level (the floor, eye level), or to the side of them, or above, or below. change your perspective from just standing up in front of them and snapping to anywhere else but standing up in front of them. 
second, really find what you love. as in, when you see a photo that you (or anyone else) took, did it make you gasp? or make your heart leap? did it take your breath away? evoke emotion? or just give you this warm, fuzzy feeling? if so, go with it! take those shots! you'll be so pleased, and no one else has to love it but YOU! 
which leads me to this: third, take photos, not just to capture your life's journey or your kid's adorable faces, but take them because they make your heart sing.
just shoot. practice. all the time. snap snap snap, until you find what your heart truly loves.
and look for the light. always be aware of the light.


  1. Great great advice..I have been branching out..I think the best thing was I used an App(i know I know i mostly use my phone camera) which is a Pinhole camera....It has really helCped my understanding of light. I just recently took pictures where I focused on little things hands feet...YES the activity we are doing is fun but so is taking fifty pictures in our one hour walk.

  2. I'm learning and practicing in Manual. I take pictures just about every day and im helping my cousin with our first newborn photo shoot tomorrow..!! :) I started a facebook page called Yellow Hallow Photography


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