Saturday, August 10, 2013

baby yoga instructor

a mini yoga class, by Grey.

first, let's sit comfortably and relax.
now, deep breath in.
 arch your back a bit.
a little twist to the right.
now lift those legs in a v-sit
grab your toes if you can!
 and release, and let's get going.
downward dog variation.
now, try to clasp those hands behind your back.
whew. get onto your belly.
roll over, lift your right leg to your chest.
 now both legs into the air.
roll over for a little cobra stretch.
and let's get up and into a v-sit.
hands behind you. deep breaths.
a little twist to the right.
and roll on over onto hands and knees.
downward dog.
lift the leg back.
another twist. cross your legs, reach back and twist, looking over your shoulder.
another downward dog variation. reach through!
just as far as you can!
on last deep breath in a v-sit, arch your back.
stretch forward!
bring your left foot to your thigh, right foot bent back, and do a forward bend.
and downward dog again.
lifting the leg one more time.
and relax. deep breaths. 

good job, everybody!

grey would like you to know that he is not a certified yoga instructor, nor is he a professional with great knowledge of the names of yoga poses. he's just a baby, after all, who enjoys a little stretching every now and then.


  1. OMWord that is AWESOME. I have to share it. LOL!!

  2. Oh my jeepers, that's freaking cute!

  3. Oh my! SO SO cute! I especially love the pose where he's reaching up high. :)

    1. thanks, friend! i had a hard time deciding which was my favorite!!

  4. Oh how precious!! You had me rolling with laughter! This may the funniest post to date! Love and miss y'all!!

  5. Oh Brooke, this is too funny! I meant to comment earlier, but the iPad always has a fit signing into google if not on the app :( I absolutely loved your devotion, hilarity, and G's perfect cooperation on this! hehe Definitely a winner post!


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