Sunday, August 11, 2013

bitty visitor

we live in west texas. and we live in a little neighborhood. and where we are right here as i type from my couch... well, usually we just don't see a lot of nature outside of weeds and mosquitoes and dirt. but since we built a little garden this year, we have seen caterpillars and bees and butterflies and and a frog and slugs.

then one day, we see this bitty little guy. the little boys came running into the house telling me about a tut-tle. at first i couldn't understand what they were saying. and when i realized, the older boys and i went outside. me, with my camera in hand.

side note: taylan, my oldest, knew exactly what kind of turtle this was. soooo. i must be doing something right with them and homeschool. at least, i hope i am. then again, the kid retains information just like his daddy, so, probably he's just smart and i'm only doing okay. :)


  1. Great photos! When i was little my sister had a turtle for a pet. His name was tic tac. She built him a house out of mini legos.
    It's cool to see one just come along and pay a visit and then leave. So strange, in my mind they belong in lego houses. ;)


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