Friday, August 2, 2013

friday's top ten 08.02.2013

1. my friend is coming to visit me for the weekend! she'll be here in a couple hours and i am so thrilled! this means long chats, coffee, thrifting, honesty, laughing, and hugging. aaaand maybe a touch of crying. and wine.

2. i am still doing the Insanity workout. i have done seven days worth and plan on taking my measurements at the end of week 2 to see the progress.

3. potty training is going better. B will now use the potty if he is wearing his big boys. now i'm just trying to keep undies on him. usually he takes them off pret-ty quickly.

4. now house training the puppy... that's a different story. she does great. until jo jo locks her in a bedroom with him and we don't know that he's done so.

5. my garden is still flourishing. it's definitely a process that requires patience. but let me tell you, with each new addition (when a new fruit starts growing), i get so darn excited!

6. seriously, this thought has been on my mind a lot lately, and every time i do this, i laugh: i yell at the kids to quit yelling.

7. uh oh! it just dawned on me! i never took baby grey's first birthday photos!! i must do that today!

8. i have gotten into the habit of not eating breakfast again. so it's time to fix that.

9. i will tackle the grocery store with all five kids again today. wishmeluck.

10. i hope your weekend is as rockin' as mine is about to be.

also, there is still time to link up, and you would make my day if you did.

happy weekend.

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