Friday, August 30, 2013

friday's top ten 08.30.2013

1. i am going to brag on myself again. i am down 48lbs. and 10 inches lost all over. i'm just so in shock! it blows my mind, it really does. i am getting closer and closer to my goal each day. what is that goal, you ask? well, i'd like to be wearing a size 8 pant. or i'd like to lose about 24 more pounds. and get leaner. i'm super focused on getting rid of my leg fat at the moment. so i've been doing workouts during the day to help with that (evening is when we do insanity). i even bought myself a little black (short) dress! and it kind of looks okay on me.

these photos below, let me just tell you. i was starting to think i looked pretty good in the july shot. i had only lost 7lbs since that one and really didn't think it was making a huge difference. that was, until these side by side shots. it may have only been 7lbs, but it was also 7in since that middle shot, too. those inches make a difference. i mean, i lost 2 3/4" just from my hips. and 1" from my waist, and more from other areas, just since the july image. if you're trying to get fit, measure!! it's important! pounds won't mean much once you start building muscle. and i AM! it's crazy. this is not who i am naturally. i'm not a work out girl. it takes WORK and determination and commitment. and i'm there!! i'm committed! and is it just me, or does the slimmer mid section actually make me look a little taller?
(instagram update ^^)

2. his big boys are rarely ever on properly. and speaking of, he is potty trained at home, but outside of the house, it's a whole 'nother story. someday, right?

3. we considered cutting his hair next month when he turns three. my emotions go back and forth on that topic. i mean, you can see why.

4. have y'all heard of Premier Designs Jewelry? well, 'member when God asked my to put professional photography on hold? well, i'm pretty sure all of it was leading up to me becoming a jewelry lady for Premier. i have my launch home show next month, on the 12th. i'm equal parts excited, equal parts nervous.

5. we have felt some cooler mornings here, lately. i'm pretty ready for cooler days. for fall. for warm lattes full of pumpkin and cinnamon and froth.

6. three of us are sick today. i have a head cold, my head is pounding, stuffed up, and my throat has been bothering me since yesterday. grey seems to also have a cold, on top of teething. and kanyon woke up coughing, stuffy, and a little fevery.

7. i so wanted to prep the house this week for school on tuesday. i also wanted to do some further lesson planning. but with the baby not sleeping, and now us being sickly, i will just wait for the Lord to open up a time for me to feel energized and be able to accomplish the tasks that need to get to done.

8. i'm going to give up gluten in september. i know it's just another fad (for some people. others, i know, truly have a sensitivity/allergy/issue with gluten, and i do not discount that one single bit), but i want to see if it changes how my stomach feels or my moods. it's kind of an experiment. i know getting rid of sugar and dairy has changed me. i have more energy and i feel less lethargic without those things (mainly sugar).

9. let me just be honest, i do not like repetitive sounds. they drive. me. bananas!! i think it's always been this way, but lately, i have been painfully aware of it. painfully. because: five kids. i mean...

10. zoey has grown! she's still a tiny little thing. and playful as ever. jonyn thinks she's just a toy half the time. i spend a lot of time asking he to leave her alone! but i'm glad she likes the kids.

enjoy your weekend, my lovely friends.



  1. Great Job Brooke! So proud of you!!!

  2. i absolutely, totally heart B's hair photos!!!

  3. You are simply radiant! I'm so impressed with the difference just between last month and this month. Way to go! Also, yes, I think you look taller. Strange how that works, but it does have that affect with you.

    Mmmhmmm, I can see why you'd struggle about cutting his hair. My nephew had the most beautiful curly hair, much like B's, and then after his first hair cut it was stick straight. Sad...

    Gluten...grrr how I loathe thee. We took middle dude off gluten for a 1 month trial and I was swinging between 2 hopes: #1 that it would help his issues and #2 that there wouldn't be any difference so we wouldn't have to deal with it. Yep, solved the issues though. Not all the way, but a huge improvement has been made. Our 1 month trial ended this week, but I just can't bring myself to put him back on it (to really test the results).


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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