Wednesday, August 21, 2013

i made a confession.

finally. after years and years of avoiding the words. after years and years of denying it. i finally just said it. i sighed real deep, and said it out loud to myself. which right away, made it completely true. then i picked up my phone and did what any good wife would do and texted my husband the truth.

and the truth is.

i hate cooking.

i wanted to love it. i tried to love it. truly. but alas, i do not love it. i couldn't force myself, hard as i tried. and we've been married nearly 13 years, mind you, so it's been just sitting there, waiting to be no longer denied.

my husband texted me right back and said that that was no good, we need momma happy. um, i agree. and eating out or ordering in every single day is not really an option. or a good idea financially or health wise.

so i thought about it for a long time and finally came with a solution we are going to try out for a couple weeks. he will cook monday, friday, and saturday. i will make meal replacement smoothies the other four days of the week. protein packed, fruit and greens filled smoothies/shakes that would both satisfy our tummies, cut the calories, increase our healthy foods intake and keep me from cooking. i like it. the kids seem to like it, too.

so tonight, we found some recipes and made our first filling smoothie. and it was filling, too. the kids really loved it, they also got some fruit on the side with theirs. and when we do our insanity work out tonight, i won't feel like i'm dying because dinner was too heavy.

my husband is a good, good man, y'all. willing to cut out meat and potata's four days a week, just to keep momma happy. really good man. our grocery store trips will probably cost the same, but momma will be much happier because things just got a lot easier.

honey, i love ya, and i'm so thankful you want me happy and content instead of blowing me off just so you can get your meat an potata's err' night.


  1. Wow. I love your husband. : ) What a great man. Good luck!

  2. aww what a great hubby!!
    Sounds like a great plan!

  3. I admitted years ago, before kids, that I hate cooking.
    Oh I have days, sometimes weeks where I enjoy it, but after the kids what little joy I had in it went out with the screaming and fussing about what they did and didn't like. Oh and the dishes too. ;)
    Tommy cooks 2 or 3 nights a week. I so appreciate it. :)


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