Wednesday, August 28, 2013

sleepless nights.

whoa, it is only wednesday. did you know that? only wednesday. this week has already been super hard. sunday night, grey woke up a whole heckuva lot. he'd wake after only a few minutes after eating and being laid back down. i couldn't figure out was was wrong. i even did the sniff test and couldn't smell anything. sometime before three a.m, i fed him yet again, and laid him back down, only for him to wake right back up. again. so i just decided to change his butt anyways. well. he was dirty. you would think he would have slept longer after having a clean butt. but no. all night his wake ups were between an hour and a half and two hours apart. whew, i was tired the next day, monday. and geez, my attitude showed it.
monday night rolls around and i figure kid has to be tired. i lay him down. and he falls asleep. but then, we have the same situation as the night before. up every couple hours. *sigh. only, this time, i did the sniff test around one a.m. dirty. so i change him. but still, he slept poorly.
then, last night. first, let me go back a little. kid was so cranky all day monday and all day yesterday. cranky. i mean, not just fussing. not even just crying. flat out scream-crying. whew, i was worn out by lunch time yesterday. i had to lock myself in the bathroom and collect my thoughts and pray to Jesus. i stayed in there a while, risking my house being hit by my little tornadoes. i felt a little better when i came out, but i was so tired from the sleepless nights, the whining preschoolers, and the screaming baby. so once toby got home, i told him i was thinking about heading out to pick up a few things we needed and browsing some stores. at first i was a little hesitant to leave, but he encouraged me to go, so i did. i hit up starbucks first for an iced chai tea latte. oh my word it was delicious. but my poor body paid for it with belly cramps because of the soy and sugar. i went to a couple of stores and looked around and got a few things we needed. and a dress for me. it was so nice.

by nature, i am an introvert. i like to retreat for some alone time, some quiet-alone. i prefer to just go to my room, lounge on my bed with tea or coffee or infused water and either a book or crochet and tv. but we have seven people in our house, so sometimes, my personality just needs to leave so i don't have to talk to anyone and i can just be alone with my thoughts. i needed it last night, and i'm so glad my husband understands and practically kicked my booty out the door.
when i got home after nine, grey was still up, toby said he wouldn't go to sleep. i just figured he needed a little momma's milk night cap. he screamed and fussed and i fed him and tried to lay him down. but he wasn't having it. he screamed. and screamed. and screamed. at one point, he was throwing such a fit that he would not even let me hold him and he refused the boob. it was pretty comical. he has only recently been fit throwing. i laughed at him, tried to see if daddy was the answer. but he finally just let me hold him while standing. so i did that for awhile. then fed him in my bed and turned the lights out. the second the lights were out (at midnight), baby boy fell asleep belly down on our bed. i tried to lay him down in his bed, but he woke up after about twenty minutes.

so we spent the night up and down. he was having trouble breathing at one point because of all the scream-crying he had been doing. so i put some baby vick's on him and took him to the couch to sleep sitting up so he could breathe. that lasted only about forty-five minutes. so back to bed we went. not that he actually slept long. it was such a long night, and he nursed off and on between snippets of sleep and a lot of crying slash screaming.

i'm pretty sure it might just be because he's teething. all of my kids were easy teethers. grey has four teeth broken through, and one more front top one coming in. and he was drooling pretty crazy-like last night. today, he napped early, like at nine a.m. which is unusual for him, but he napped for three hours. and so far, he's been happy today, thankfully. let's just pray tonight is better. i'm not sure i can make it the rest of the week at this rate. i'm so short with the kids right now, and i am having a real hard time getting anything accomplished around here. pray for me, friends.

so that's my week. how is yours?

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  1. I hope it gets better. Teething was tough on my kids. But then 2 or 4 would pop up at once. So it went fast.

    Or maybe I've forgotten. ;)


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