Saturday, September 21, 2013

did she just quit?

well, no. i'm still here. but a little more occupied these days. blogging, keeping up with simple moments, homeschooling, devos, and my new business (being a jewelry lady with premier designs), being a mom, being a wife, unsuccessfully being a friend, apparently, and trying to fight off my first ever bladder infection. all those things. i can't do them all well all the time, sadly. so somewhere, things have to give. that place has been my blog, and my camera, as sad as it makes me. but it seems like the days i do feel the need to grab my beloved camera, my husband needs to use it at work. but now that he won't need it up there anymore (soon), hopefully i can do better at documenting my little crew with the beast. i want to do better, this time is so fleeting.

i do have one thing amazing that happened this week, my baby Grey slept two nights in a row with only one wake up both times. that was glorious. i woke up in awe that i slept more than a two hour stretch. and that first day was just an incredible day, i can't remember the last time i had a day so fantastic that i just kept thanking the Lord and marveling at how far removed i felt from that ppd mom that yelled a lot. it's been a super slow process coming out of that fog. in two months, it marks the one year point in which i felt the darkness start to lift (but not completely disappear). more and more, i have more good days than sad-face days. and to have an exceptional day? a day that i just wanted to shout it so loud that life is beautiful? i'm just utterly thankful.

as far as blogging, i don't feel the pull to blog as i used to. i instagram my daily life and it makes for a lovely daily journal. you can find me if you want: @brookeechambers. i actually don't really have much to say right now. i miss this space, and sharing my life. i will be back for the next simple moments. promise. also, my fourth born will be 3 in eight days. my second born, 9 eight days after that. how my babies grew up, i don't even know. but they sure did. but ya know, life just seemed harder back when i had only two small babes. it really did. not that it's easy, per say, right now, just easier.

i'm rambling. i'm going to clean my kitchen so i can start the day right tomorrow. then it's a shower and a sort of uncomfy bed. goodnight, friends.

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I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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