Tuesday, September 3, 2013

first day 2013-14

today was the first day back to school. we've been out sine april. APRIL. nearly five months. what a long summer it has been. most of it was spent hanging here at home. we did go to oklahoma, and i was able to visit my very bestest bestie in washington for a week.

i think i was just really ready to get back to a solid routine, purposeful teaching, reading, writing, books, curricula, numbers, all of it. my heart was bursting as we finished up school today. it was smooth. some new, replacement curriculum we are testing out was wonderful and somehow, most everything just seemed to tie in together. it was a beautiful harmony, that even i didn't expect. my soul just needed this good, good day. God was so gracious. i prayed for the gift of time this morning, to accomplish our task in a timely manner, and to make the day honor our Lord. i prayed over school so specifically today and God answered in the sweetest way.

today was good. today was heart healing. today was what we needed, it was how we needed to kick off this year. today was a great start to this new year around thing we're attempting. today was just plain good. i'm thankful. and i'm praying hard for tomorrow.


last night, i left a few little notes for the boys. one on the bar and one on the board in the kitchen.

being that i was desperate, (even without realizing) to get back in to a routine, i set my alarm for 5:15am. it went off, and grey woke for a quick nurse sesh about that time, so i fed him, and climbed out of bed at 5:45, got dressed, made my iced coffee, did my devo, and then just prayed and soaked in the morning. speaking of morning, raise your hand if you're already ready for the time change again. *raises hand*

once the others rose, breakfast was had, oatmeal, of course.
(we finally cut out all the prepackaged foods for breakfast. whoop! it only took forever.)

 but what is breakfast without a side of balloon?

 it's usually him or brennen that wake up first. since he woke, ate, dressed, and brushed, he got a jump on our day while the others finished eating.

most like me, right here. night owl. and not a morning person, either.

found him just like this. just like a boy to bring a stick and flashlight to a book reading party.

and now that we're back to school, b was playing with his puzzles again. probably since they are stored right behind where i sit.

of course, grey had to see what was going on as well.

at first i wasn't sure exactly how i was going to do school with two very different age groups. my real, honest to goodness plan was this: just see how it all played out. and so i did. and it works out to where the big kids can school in the morning, the babies, or rather, the preschoolers after lunch. preschool only took an hour and was easy to teach, and they seemed engaged and excited. 

jo kept asking the whole morning if it was his turn. and b was so eager to jump in. i knew with him, it could go either way... he'd be super involved or completely uninvolved. let's pray it keeps his interests for that hour every day!
 sorry, guys. the lighting where we school is super poor. makes me sad we don't have a big space full of open windows. [sad face]

 what also surprised me was the big kids wanting to jump in and help once it came time for preschool. i was impressed. and shocked they were so interested. this could be a very good thing for the future!

towards the end of the preschool hour, taylan grabbed some things and went over to the trunk. he was making his own textbook to teach and "origami lesson," as he called it, to everyone else. it was endearing. it made my heart swell real big. real real big. and it did make having so many kids that much sweeter. watching him teach with his textbook and then hands on was so amazing. i forget why i didn't get photos of the actual teaching.

tomorrow, i'll post the obligatory back to school photos of my kids that every parent takes every single year, myself included. seriously, i don't know anyone who doesn't take some kind of "first day of school" photo. we just wouldn't be real parents if we didn't. amiright? i kid.

and also, sorry for the terrible photos. i think, too, that if i could get the lens i really want, they'd be much better. i hope your back to schools were just as amazing as ours, no matter how or where you choose to school!


  1. I LOVE that you had such a great first day. Our first day was such a bust. So was today. But I am glad yours was everything you needed. And what a surprise kids are, aren't they?

  2. How do you like that reading book? Have you ever used all about reading?


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