Wednesday, September 4, 2013

official first-day photos.

and by official, i mean mostly goofy.

well, first of all, i tried to take them out front in the middle of the day. what the world was i thinking? i don't even know. it was too bright for them. as usual. and obviously, i still don't dress my kids, they dress themselves. 
hence, the pink cape. 
on my hippie-haired boy.
who is really pretty.

here we go.

first day of 5th grade.
i don't even know when it happened, when he got so big that he started fifth grade.

first day of 3rd grade.
the two of us are still hacking and sniffing and puffy in the face.

first day of preschool.
kid does his own thing.

first day of pre-preschool. does that age have an official name?
and is it headstart?
it just came to me.
 this kid is too much. those blue eyes are gonna break some hearts.

my boys. 


  1. love them! and you're right! ohhhh those blue eyes!!

  2. all of your boys are just so handsome! love these photos!
    and total random weirdness from me - I had this crazy dream you lived in WA and we met!!
    Now how cool would that be?!
    Wishing you a wonderful school year!

  3. Your third looks just like your littlest! And your long haired babe looks like his mama!


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