Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ten (eight, really) on ten :: september 2013

so hey. i missed last month because my honey uses my camera at work a lot and that 10th, he happened to need it for the whole day (videographers, psh.)

so anyways.

i had the camera today. did great for the first 4 or 5 hours, got distracted by how late we were doing school today, remembered, took a photo or two, forgot. remembered for one. then *gasp* husband took the camera out again.

can't trust those video guys. they'll steal your heart with their charm and good looks and then steal your camera right out from under your nose. true story.

6:46am || daily morning devo with #shereadstruth.

7:49am || morning prayer partner.

8:40am || morning lounging.

9:23am || window gazing.

11:05am || daily homeschool.

2:45pm || late homeschool day.

3:40pm || free lensing the afternoon dishes.

5:01pm || evening baby legs and shadows.

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  1. Your perspective is fresh. Your puppy is uber cute and your kiddos are darling. Glad I stopped by.


  2. Darling! I love me some sweet baby legs, too. Yay for 5 kids! (that's our #, too, until november.) You take really great pictures!

  3. i ABSOLUTELY love these photos Brooke! You are an amazing daily record keeper!


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