Sunday, October 27, 2013

happy halloween.

i had some time to kill this morning seeing as how i tried my darndest to get ready for first hour church today but was ready to leave at the same time church started. so i figured i better not walk in that late. even though i likely would have got seated during the music portion, i just figured i'd wait til second hour. and in the meantime, i dressed all the kidlets up and made them get their photos taken. not that they minded.

zombie. sith lord. big bad wolf. stealth ninja. willie (sans beard).

 happy halloween.
we dress up because it's fun for the kids. we also watch two movies together every where while making something totally unhealthy to snack on.
 our church holds this huge carnival because it's a great way to reach those that might not be reached otherwise. plus, what a way to serve our community.
whatever you do this year, be safe, have fun, and be kind. 

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