Monday, October 21, 2013

how *does* she do it?

i go out in public with all five kids a lot more now that we have two vehicles. and it's a very rare day out that someone does not ask me if all the boys are mine, if it's four boys and one girl, if i am busy. or say that my hands are full, oh how they could never do it.
sadly, i think my camera is messing up and not focusing properly. sad, sad day.

most of the time they are negative comments about how my hands must be full and whatnot. and how they could never do it and blah blah blah. but sometimes, a sweet old lady asks, with the biggest smile, "are all those children yours?" yes ma'am. "oh what lovely children you have!" and that is the best. that's one of those things sent from above to remind me that having a large family is not, in fact, a negative thing. and then when those positive comments come two in one outing? that's God saying, i gotchyer back, yo. especially when the second person calls my little family "a blessing." yes, thank you, yes, they are.

this is not to say that it isn't hard. because a lot of days it is. but let's just get to it, how do i do it? and sometimes, how do i do it all? first, i do it the same as i imagine you do. i get up, have a latte, do some Bible readin', and pray i make it through the day. i feed the kids, i wash the clothes, i do the dishes. i manage my kids and get them involved in helping me tidy the house. there is never a day where i don't ask for or require their help. they live here. and they make messes. and they must know how to keep a clean home for when they move out. so, of course i have them help with the cleaning, the sorting of laundry, the floor messes, the dishes, their own rooms, their bathroom. if it belongs to them, or they sleep, eat, poop there, it's they're responsibility to help keep it clean. and yes, i make them reclean things that are not up to my standards. their future wives will not appreciate a man who half A cleans things. so i teach them. i teach them to be keepers of themselves and their home. so that's how i do that.

when i make lunch, they clear off the table, and clean up their messes. i do not do everything for my children, not even the three year old. they are required to be active participants in our home in every ways. same for dinner/smoothies, they always help clean up.

and yes, i do homeschool. and yes, it takes up half of our day. but the boys know what they are to do, they know what they can do on their own in the mornings by themselves while i'm milling around doing things, nursing the babe, or getting dressed. they don't fight me on school anymore and know what is expected of them, so they usually just get their work done with out much fuss.

i pray short little bullet prayers a lot during my day. otherwise, i'd be a heap of a mess on the floor, curled up in the fetal position sobbing my heart out. Jesus is how i do it, people. any of it. all of it. just Jesus. yes, my husband and boys do their part. but really, it's Jesus, my savior, my life giver.

and as far as how i do it "all", well, that's just redonk. because i don't. no one does. don't believe those people who actually try to be all yeah, i got this whoooole thing covered, i do err' thang. because they don't. social media paints a real pretty picture, but no one does all the things all the time all the perfect way.

as i sit here:
my couch is ripped.
my blinds, sills, fans, baseboards, and wall decor are caked in dust.
laundry is thrown on the garage floor.
speaking of, my garage is cluttered.
my backyard is a flippin' mess.
some baking sheets are sleeping in the sink tonight.
my floor needs cleaned. again.
clean blankets are piled every where. because in my house, blankets cannot get dirty just one at a time. ever.
the boys' rooms smell funktified.
clutter rests on the counter and on the breakfast bar.
the office is a bloody mess.
my coffee table trunk has marker on it.
my dining room table is broken, with a temporary fix.
my cabinets are nasty.
and the paint on my cabinets is coming off.
and my closet has a bunch of ill-fitting clothes dropped in to the bottom of it.

but the list goes on. so see, i do not do it all, all the time. please stop thinking that now. like, right now. this moment. is it out of your head forever? yes? good. i take things one day at a time. i pray. i employ my kids help. i say no to outside things. i do not over engage myself in things outside of my nest. but i do leave the house when my husband encourages me to so i can breathe the air of who i am and take a mini break. and i do a lot of handstands. a lot. i mean, a lot.

and there it is. the troof.


  1. What a great blog....I have one...and chronic illness and that is hard. But I do frequently take my friends three girls with me so four girls....and I think the secret is....Its actually easier with all four than it is with just my one. All four together they talk amongst themselves they play well together(most of the time, they got the sister fighting down though) Also when it comes to cleaning up after themselves....let me tell you ...Peer pressure works! lol. But yes don't do it all for them. Not even for just my one.

  2. I've found I point the dust out to people and have them walk in the kid's room so they can enjoy the "funktified" aroma that fills their space. (Seriously I think Marshall pees in the corner!) The tub is my nemesis. I've ALWAYS hated cleaning the tub. Now that 3 kids muddy the walls and funk up the place.. I hate it more. I feel ya sista. But I've been in your home and with your kids. You may not do everything, (none of us do) but you do everything necessary to keep that house running well and those kids well loved. So embrace the kid funk. HA!

  3. Thanks so much for your post! I'm the mom of 3 (ages 4, 3 and 1). I was just saying to my husband yesterday, "How do other moms do it all?" Glad to know there are moms out there who are like me...houses not pristine, but generally happy and healthy children. Somedays I look around at the mess and want to scream, but most of the time I'm pretty good at ignoring it while I play with the kids. God bless you and your family!!


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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