Thursday, October 10, 2013

ten on ten :: october 2013

another month, another tenth. i love this. i have used my big girl camera a lot this past week. i am going to try hard to keep using it, too. because too often, i let my phone camera capture every.single.moment. (which isn't bad, like, at all. i just miss using my big camera, like, a lot.)

the suggestion was to use "pumpkin spice" as a rolling theme for the day, but i just didn't feel that i could do that being home all the live long day. which is unfortunate, i love fall and kind of wish i had made more of an effort.

::morning cold brew. hot buttered rum flavor (from target) with almond milk and agave nectar::

 ::artsy fartsy preschoolers starting their day::

::baby trying to self feed with a spoon. and also taking his time with breakfast::

::spontaneous math. kid was trying to do a random fraction in his head, but couldn't, so he grabbed his fraction manipulatives and got it all worked out. love that beyond words, especially once he had his "aha!" moment. such a blessing::

::baby figured out what writing slash coloring utensils are used for. halp::

::always nudiebutt::

::board games and card games are where it's at in our house lately::

 ::late afternoon laundry::

::life skills: matching up socks::

::bath time for the babies. they be all clean tonight. it's a big deal when even the baby bathes::

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