Tuesday, October 22, 2013

the baby creates art

sometimes homeschooling five boys means i need to create distraction. i need to give a smaller boy something to do so i can focus with an older boy. and last week sometime, the baby of the bunch figured out how to hold a crayon/marker/pen/pencil and make awesome marks with it. so today i put him in a high chair with a few crayons and a very large piece of construction paper and let him go to town. i was doing spelling with my eldest, so i grabbed my big girl camera and snapped away at my wee babe creating his first (of many) masterpiece. 
boys three and four are really big into markers, so i make it my priority to keep those bad boys (markers, not the kids) contained since the baby figured out how to use them. i make sure they are used under some sort of supervision, just so they'll stay on the table.
art at the toddler age is just so fun, i adore it. yes, it certainly is just scribbles, but it's always the bestest scribbles i ever did see.
 true story, kid.
 also, can we just make note of all the toddler chin chub that remains from his babyhood? i mean. for real, does it get any better? squishy squishy.
 hims excited.
okay, so maybe it didn't take all that long for him to get bored and ready to move, but these five minutes were so adorable to watch. little minds figuring out the world around them, even down to how a coloring utensil works. i adore it. 

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