Friday, December 6, 2013

our halloween tradition

i know. it's like, december. but i need to catch up. so. here we are.
every year, we make pigs in a blanket, and a desert, and watch two movies. 
this year, the boys made the cookies. 
then we took our traditional halloween family photo. 
which also happens to be our group november photo
(because we did our halloween movie night on november 1).
(and also, i think my focus on my camera is jankity.
that, or i lost my photo mojo.)


  1. One day Toby will learn to smile. The dude smirk . I have one good picture with Tommy showing off his perfect teeth. I bet it breaks his poor mama's heart. ;)

  2. ha! i love that 2nd picture of J holding out his arm straight up like Superman! and your hand on the last picture with your clicker---good grief, what is it with hands and me? ha!


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