Friday, January 10, 2014

last day of 2013

he was playing with me, and i had my camera a remote close by. so. we snuck some selfies together. i do love this boy. i love all the good things he brings to our days. sure, he's mean and rotten, but also so amazing. so beautiful. so sweet and special and perfectly woven together. and you know, at the end of this year, i really do feel this happy. i feel like my heart has healed a bunch more this year and droplets of joy have been rained down on it. i still have really hard days. i still wonder if i should send all my kids out to school. i still want to cry and hide. i still struggle with so many things. but i'm happy. content. and dare i say it, joyful.

so bring on the next year.


  1. So great to see your beautiful face! I love to hear that you are finding joy. Wishing you a happy new year!


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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