Friday, January 10, 2014

Papa's birthday

say hello to my grandpa. or as i call him, Papa. his birthday was january 1st. and my grandma, my Nanny asked me to take a photo of him by himself. and so i did. and i am so, so glad, for who knows what the future holds. 

this is the year i get back into my regular photo taking and blogging, to record these memories as they happen. i feel i am cheating my kids of being able to read back on what their life was like when their memory isn't clear. i hope to print out my blog into books by the year. and sadly, the last couple of years will not be as full as the years before it. i blog for me. for my family. and yes, a little for anyone else who needs it. but mostly as my own personal journal of what life is like for a mom of five boys in this day and age. i do feel like God has called to me to a life of honesty. and yes, some peeps can't hang, but that's aiight. i will still just be who i am in all my honest glory. ugly or beautiful, it doesn't matter, it's just my life and the truth of it. so i tell it, so that my kids will have the honest truth of it all when they are older and sharing stories with their wee lads.

on Papa's birthday, i made him some diabetic friendly soft chocolate chip cookies. they were delish. we were also super blessed and able to gift him with a new chair. this man and his bride did so much for us as children, i feel it only fitting we do what we can for them as they need it. no need to be greedy with our blessings, ya know? toby and i have always given or blessed others when we are able. which is not often as a family of seven, in ministry. but we do, when we can. and so we did. it was an emotional couple of minutes. but i love this man with my whole heart. and how we all got so lucky to get him in our family, i'll never know. but i do know that each of us are grateful and blessed by his presence.

here's to Papa and Nanny. and to another year. and to more memories recorded. and to the love of family, my family specifically.

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  1. i love what you wrote, Brooke. a giving heart, family, time to refocuse why we momma's's been heavy on my heart <3 I love your blog, because you're so honest and real. i look to you and your heart and your posts as a guide on how to be the best we can be with the bad + the good!


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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