Saturday, January 18, 2014

who's that boy? || second edition.

a long time ago,

in a galaxy far far away...

nope. wait. wrong story.

and so now, here we are again 3+ years later, doing this all over again.
except on a much bigger scale. and i'm pretty sure many peeps will be shouting nooooo! while others declare that it is about darn time.

i don't care either way. the thing is I have to deal with the tangled mess on a daily basis. 
and with the yanking and pulling and high pitched squeal-scream.

so we just decided, why not do it ourselves instead of waiting to find time to go have it done.
and so we did.


 and i just want you to know that it took three conditionings to get my brush through his hair tonight. every morning it was a huge, tangled nest. i started to hate trying to brush it so much that i just stuck it up in a high bun when we left the house.

dun dun duuuun.

 and done! daddy did a GREAT job. and brennen look so handsome. there's no way he will be mistaken for a girl now. but i'm pretty sure i'll forget what he looks like by morning.
 i'm a puddle of mush. do you see this boy?!
 handsome. just handsome.
 we cut TEN inches off (to be donated). and some little girl is going to have his beautiful curls on her head.
at first be was saying it was awesome and that he was happy he had a haircut.
so then we took him to the mirror to show him what he looks like and he seemed shocked and confused. kind of like he didn't know who he was looking at.
i'm somewhat relieved there will be no more greyson pulling on his hair. so hopefully there will be less of the brennen squeal-scream. i also hugely relieved there will be no more rat's nest every single day of the week. sunday mornings ought to be a bit easier now. let's hope so.


  1. Goodness aren't you glad you got those before pics? Not sure I'd recognize him! He is such a cutie, and yes Daddy did a fantastic job!

  2. The third photo after the "gasp" is classic! I never knew from your Instagram how gorgeous his curls were! Your husband did a fantastic job! Does this mean no more walking around semi-nude anymore as well? :)

  3. Oh my gosh he looks spoon different! I love it!

  4. He looks so handsome, Brooke!! I'm pretty sure I'd be too selfish and keep those curls for myself. And, coming from your barber friend....your hubby seems to have done a fantastic job! :)

  5. Holy bajeebers, he looks like a completely different kid! Super cute still, but very different....and also older.

  6. omgoodness! i love that toby gave him the haircut! I'm always having to do the hair... he looks so handsome!


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