Thursday, February 20, 2014

oh hi.

hello, friends. i seriously had high hopes of being a more consistent blogger. to document. to write our story. to keep record of our little bitty lives in the world. i'm basically failing at that. yup. failing. i want to be better at this whole keeping our life posted thing, but i just can't get the hang of it lately. i remember when i was passionate about blogging all the little details. i pray for that again. in the meantime, here's just a little something, a little blog post, a little bit of our story.

so. it'll be random. and i really have no idea where i'll start or where i'll go with it, but that's just okay.
 {february group photo}

we repainted our living space. it's gray + white now, and i so much adore it. i love it more than i even thought i would! my cabinets are only partially stripped. i really need to get on that. but do you know how unfun stripping paint off of a cabinet is?! so unfun. and boring. and since i like to start projects, then quit them, i quit with the paint stripping. for now. surely, i'll pick it back up soon so i can have beautifully finished white cabinets that make it so much brighter in there and make my nest a happier place to be.

and that's how it is isn't it? when we love to look around our homes, our nests, when it's free of chaos and clutter, we love to be there, don't we? i am a homebody and i want to make sure my home always reflects a place that shouts "the chambers crew lives here." i do not want my home to be so spotless that it looks like the model show home. we have kids and clutter and chaos sometimes, but lately, i've tried to keep it from getting too overwhelming. even so, you will always find pockets of junk in my home. places where, here and there, a pile of randomness will lie. those who have been in my home more than once will know this. i pray you will always feel comfortable when you walk in. i want you to feel at home. i want you to feel like you can actually make yourself at home, help yourself to what you need. but don't be surprised if i try to serve you in every way. it's in my nature. i like to host and have people over, and i will clean my floors, bathroom, and kitchen. but when my babies start to destroy things after that's been done, i probably won't follow behind them and pick it all back up. because i have kids. because kids can still be kids when peeps come into my house. because kids are loud and messy and crazy and like to play. and because that is just okay with me. i won't stress over your kids getting into all the things. and neither should you. why? because that is just the nature of little ones. observing. exploring. being obnoxious. making sure they have thoroughly checked out all the nooks and crannies. let them. it's okay. promise. as long as you feel welcome and loved in my home, i do not care about much else. it's just stuff anyways. it is not what matters the mostest to me. YOU matter. not the broken bedroom door. or my unfinished cabinets. or the coasters turned chew toys. or the pillows in the floor. or the cup/bowl/fork/plate you just used. or the spill on the carpet. YOU. so if ever i make someone feel uncomfortable or unwelcome, may the Father let it be known to me and may i remedy that as quickly as possible.

i want to love people. and love stuff a little less. yes, i intend on making my newly painted living space pretty and reflect my family. but that's because i spend all my time here. and when you spend your time here, i want it to feel comfy and cozy and okay to make a mess. life is messy. my life it certainly messy every single day of the year. five boys, y'all. five boys means messes. so please. come into my home, kick off your shoes, grab a mug, and make yourself comfortable, and for heaven's sake, let your babies be.


  1. :love: clutter is just a reality in my home.

  2. Your family is gorgeous! I've finally arrived at the place where I prefer my home to be lived in and would like my guests to see it that way!



I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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