Sunday, March 30, 2014


listening to today's sermon preached by my favorite preacher,
and it just stuck out at me as soon as he said it. 

"God never compares you."

big, fat wow.

i mean, what?! i compare myself all the time. hard as i try not to, i sure do do it. 

and even when i think i'm not doing it, i surely do...
oh i'd love my home to look that cozy, 
i'd love my stomach to be that flat,
it'd be nice if my house was always that picked up,
i'd love my hair to be that cute,
i'd love to have that style,
i wish i loved my kids that same way,
i'd love to parent like that,
i'd be great if my husband and i could do that, too.

so sometimes it comes out as something other than comparing myself to others,
but nonetheless, it is a comparison.

but wait, if God never compares me to others,
then why must i, as a woman, wife, and mother, compare myself to them?
does it matter? are they more, or better, or best?
no. just no. 
none are better or worse.
there's only one of each of us, as Griff said this morning.
no one like me on this earth, no one like you. 
there's just one.
and by the way, doesn't Dr. Seuss say something like that, too?

since that's the case, it's high time i stop hiding my comparisons behind the
"i'd love it" statements. just no more doing it.

my home is what it is, and that's okay.
my body is what it is, and God loves it anyway, he loves me anyway.
(that is *not* to say we shouldn't take care of ourselves)
my hair is juuuuust fine.
and my husband and i have a fantastic relationship.
and so on and so forth.

no more comparing. because if God doesn't compare us to otha mothas, wives, friends, family members, random peeps, social media friends, 
then, please, why on earth do we torture ourselves with comparison.

God created us as uniquely beautiful, purposeful individuals, 
so perhaps i should just say thank you, Father, when i start 
letting those comparative thoughts creep in.

God created me specific. tailor-made. to be this mom to my five boys.
to be this wife to my husband.
to be this daughter to my mom.
this friend to my girlfriends.
this sister to my brother.
and this person who likes crochet and photography and crafting and chocolate and fonts and pizza and cheesecake and smoothies and jeans + tees and laughing and board games and iced lattes and video games and loud music in the car and and and.
He created me for these things.
and when i think on all the things he made me to love and enjoy and do,
why on earth do i even bother to get hung up on those things i can't or don't?

God says who i am. God says who. i. am.

"for we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus,
so that we can do the good things he planned for us long ago."
ephesians 2:10, nlt



  1. Amen, Brooke!

    I love your point that God doesn't compare us, so why should we compare ourselves to each other? I'm so grateful for that, because if He compared us to Jesus...we'd be toast.

  2. oh, comparison is such an ugly takes a hold of my heart in the deepest way. this is such a great eye opener--so true. <3


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