Tuesday, March 25, 2014

finish dat kitchen!

or don't. i mean, i'm not finishing mine any time soon. you know how sometimes you're mid-project, and you just get sick of the project, so you take a break? and then sometimes you never go back to said project? no? me, neither. except, allthetime. 

i started stripping my paint chipped cabinets months ago, but it was hard work that took for.ev.er. and i had better things to do. so i put it on pause. i keep saying my cabinets are half way finished, when really, they are like, 1/124ths finished. 

but i had some umption in my gumption last week, so i was all, get-er-done, and pulled out my supplies to continue on. only... i was missing a vital part to this stripping the paint process. i couldn't find the plastic paint scraper. and being the rule follower that i am, i couldn't just use the metal ones (plural) i did find. all of my paint supplies are together, but still, i couldn't find the scraper. must have been a sign from the Lord. or something. except, i was really feeling like accomplishing this! 

but, ya know, not to worry, i'd pick up that plastic scraper next time we hit up the hardware store. and it's spring-ish, so we'll be there more often. and in fact, were just there yesterday. i sure did have this nagging feeling there was something else i wanted to pick up.


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