Friday, March 28, 2014

friday's top ten 03.28.2014

1. um, it's been a while since a post like this. like, forever.

2. i gathered my baby birds and took march's monthly group photo. have you done that lately? you should.

3. clearly, i don't feel the need to beautify my childrens before snapping photos of them. they are who they are. they are also dirty little humans allofthetime.

4. and clearly, my camer is still having focus issues. this is a third lens that won't focus properly. (note: spelling of camer intentional. because it's how i say it in my head when my head is speaking.)

5. in case you are counting, my bitty baby is now 20, almost 21 months old. where the heck the time goes, i'll never know.

6. but the freedom that comes with babies growing up makes me excited. since i was pregnant with b, boy four, i have said that i was ready for the next stage in life, the one where babies are big and aren't so needing of momma. sure, that sounds crazy to some. and i'll always wish a baby was in the house, but i'm also a person, so after years and years of struggling to do things that i love, as a person - not just a mom, i'm looking forward to the freedom that having no babies in the house brings.

7. but please do not misunderstand, i am so freakin' glad we have greyson, boy five. he's amazing, and he is the cherry on top, the one that completes us. finicky and particular, but one of my greatest joys in life, just as my husband and other four boys are.

8. i hate that i have to clarify that yes i look forward to freedom since boy four, but yes, i'm still darn happy with the way things worked out... with surprise baby five.

9. at my house, trampoline = crying, every.single.time.
how do ya like dem weeds.

10. did even tell y'all we adopted a new dog from a friend who was moving where they could no longer have pets? her name is tasha. or tosh. or tosh tosh. she fits nicely.

enjoy your weekend, friends.


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