Wednesday, March 19, 2014

we're just sick.

my hope to blog more this year is just not going well. noticed, did ya? lately it's been this everyone-is-sick thing. and the baby, oh goodness, that poor thing, he just can't seem to get well. first it was ear and sinus. i got the ear healed up with momma's special treatment, but his nose still pours. and i think that's mostly because of the back and forth weather. i know many are suffering from lots of snow where they are. here, it is 80 one day, 65 the next day, 75 after that, 55 after that... up and down. and that whole up and down business is causing coughing and snottiness from all of us. unfortunately, just as grey's nose started to clear up as well, he got hit with something, i don't know if it's a virus, or some kind of bacterial infection, but that poor baby has had the runs like there ain't no tomorrow. this has been on going for a week, tomorrow. thankfully, it's lessened a whole bunch and only two dirties yesterday. and also thankful no one seems to be affected, which makes me think it is bacterial.

so between trying to homeschool and run my home and run a business (while my husband works crazy long hours at home after his day job is finished) and caring for sick boys, i just can't find my groove or the time. but i can't bear to shut this site down, either. and my camera isn't fixed, so i haven't used it. i am on instagram sharing photos, though (@brookeechambers), if you're curious what our day to day is like.

all that to say, my hope is to all be well soon, and for the weather to decide if it's spring or still winter. The Lord knows we all wish for warmer weather, so i can only pray for that to be so. in the meantime, i'll keep wiping butts and wiping noses and snuggling the crankies and doing the laundry.

much love.

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