Tuesday, March 4, 2014

why should i go to another home show/home party?

it's a legit question. i'm sure, off the top of your head, you can name three to five women that you know who run a home based, home show/party type of business. you know the ones.... the ones that you are getting invited to over and over and over again, the ones you went to *once* and now you don't need to ever go again. i mean there are so many out there... pampered chef, thirty-one, premier designs, scentsy, cabi, it works, sipalda, initials, inc., pure romance, origami owl, stella and dot, mary kay, and on and on. and so, yeah, what's the deal with all these girls signing up to "sell" me stuff?

well first, let's ask, why these women are signing up with home based companies to begin with. here are some reasons, in no real order.

some of us have huge debt to pay off, so we sign up to be consultants to work our way out of debt. usually those of us who have this debt already work a full time job, so this is "extra" income. and we do this so we can work our own hours, and still have time for our families.

sometimes we just want to put our kids in extracurricular activities that we, otherwise, could not afford: hockey, karate, basketball, guitar lessons, or even summer camp.

some of us just need a little extra time out of the house, so we beg you to host, *just* to spend time with you and other ladies. and yes, i realize that probably sounds desperate, but not every lady who signs up to be a consultant is a socialite extrovert that makes friends with every single person they ever meet. some of us need something to pull you ladies together so we can hang out.

and some of us legitimately just need to put food on the table. it's how we feed our family. (i personally have five boys and they are such a blessing to us, but every time i go to the grocery store, i am slapped with the stark reality that this isn't getting any cheaper and we need to expand this portion of our budget somehow.)

and some of us need just a little boost in income, but also want to stay home with our babies. and working a conventional part time job makes us less money and does not allow us freedom, so we miss the kids' games or school plays or academic events, what have you. but as a consultant, we make our own hours and bring home just that little bit extra that we need and still get to be where our kids are.

some of us just need to make that one house payment to save our home. not every city is booming like where i live, and even so, so many women (families) are struggling to make end's meet and keep the roof over their head. and keep their children warm and fed. it's a real struggle and just one of the many reasons your friend might have joined one of these companies, even if they never said that out loud.

and then there are those of us that just feel led by the Spirit to join. and our only desire is to bring hope to others. or love. or Jesus. or relationship. we never know how the Lord will work during these shows/parties, so we show up and pray He will open our eyes to who needs [insert home business name here].

so that is several of the reasons we join these types of companies and ask you to host a party/show in your home, or come to one in ours. and most of the time, we are doing YOU a favor by giving you free product to keep for yourself or gift to some one else.

and now let's ask why YOU as the customer should even go to these parties. you think, "i'm partied out." "if i get one more invite." "i'm not interested in 'selling' and that's the only reason they keep inviting me." etc, etc.

but let's be real, when you show up at a party, you are supporting that PERSON and her family. she is a small business. she is the business. and she is the face of the company she is standing up there for. ultimately, when you show up to one of these home shows/parties, you are supporting a very. real. person. not the company she signed with. HER. the girl standing right there. and you might be helping her feed her kids, send them to camp, pay her mortgage, or climb out of the black hole of debt. you may be boosting her self-esteem, helping her make a friend, or saving her sanity by allowing her to get of the house for just a couple of hours.

i was just invited to a home party for Pure Romance last minute by another friend the other week. i had never been to one, and i was a little scared, because it was out of my comfort zone. but it was very informative and i met other ladies and had a great time. and during party, someone said, "i have a friend who only shops at these types of parties. she never goes to the store to shop." i thought YES! if we ALL did that, think of all the local, small businesses we would be supporting! think of all the women who could feed their babies, take their husbands on dates, pay the mortgage, send their kids to camp. and think of all the amazing peeps we could meet! and really, your support would stay local! i mean, you go to a party, purchase some fun things from the nice lady, she takes her profit, purchases from another party (and buys groceries) and it goes on and on. it stays local. and it stays supportive.

and if you get invited to a party and think, "i don't use that," i bet you a million bucks you can think of someone you know who does. and usually a holiday or their birthday will follow the party you attend. am i right? you don't cook/bake, but your mom does? go to that pampered chef party and buy her a mother's day, birthday, or Christmas gift and store it away until you need it. don't really dig bags or totes? go anyways, get something for your sister that loves to organize. not into make up? i bet you wear something... like a base or foundation, or i bet you use a cleanser on your face. so go... get informed about skin care and try something new. and jewelry (which is what i do), so you don't wear it... but your BFF does, go to the show, eat brownies, and get her some cute earrings. there is always someone to shop for. and why not do it on a couch with a cute little consultant sharing her story and letting you try things out in person, and telling you how to use each product to get the most out of it.

you go to these parties, not because we won't stop pestering you, but because you genuinely want to support another mom/wife/woman. and ladies, shouldn't we support each other? like, really, out of love, support each other? we don't just want you to "come and buy stuff" to make quotas or to take your money for ourselves. we have real needs, financial or otherwise, that you can help fulfill. it's not about our sales, it's about YOU, the customer, the hostess. we LOVE when you feel special. we LOVE when you get free product. we LOVE when you feel pampered. and that's why we LOVE when so many of your friends show up. we also love to make sure our kids are fed and our houses are paid for and our kids aren't left out at camp.

it's also important to note that we are not trying to "sell" you stuff. we want to offer our services to you. make up and jewelry are just like icing on a cake, they help make women feel even more beautiful. bags and candles help your home look and smell amazing, making it more cozy, and easier for you to relax. and kitchen utensils that save you time in the kitchen? that's a win. we want to help you and show you ways to make you feel better and live better. it's not about the stuff. we care about YOU, we truly do.

and did you know, that with your help, when you host and invite everyone you know, we are more likely to branch out and meet more people and bring hope to more women than if you did nothing at all. you never know which friend you will invite has been praying for something, anything, that would help them overcome whatever it is they are struggling with. even just coming to listen to a presentation is something. why? because you may hear your friend mention one of those reasons above that she needs a part time "job" but how a part time job doesn't really work for her situation. and you can say, "hey, i just went to this thing, and i think you should talk to this consultant." boom. you just offered your friend hope. and don't we all need a little hope?

it's totally not about just selling you stuff.

disclaimer: i was not paid/asked/invited to write this. these are my own personal thoughts and opinions and do not reflect the thoughts/opinions/ideas of any company mentioned above.

also,  i am a jewelry consultant who does home shows with hostesses. and i do give away a lot of free blingity bling to ladies who host with me because we have a smokin' hostess plan.

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