Tuesday, May 6, 2014

brand sparkly.

wow! lemme just tell y'all. today was our first day back after a month long break. (to recap: we homeschool year 'round. three months on, one month off). and it was kind of brutal. and long. so, so very long. but we powered through. i sort of lost that drive i mentioned i felt in my last post. but ya know, we survived. and the dishes even got done and the house sort of picked up. 

tomorrow is a brand new day. and that's such good news. because i was a bear today.

yesterday, we left home and drove two+ hours to have family photos taken because i couldn't find someone local that met my photographic needs. sad day. but i was happy to make the drive. so was my honey. besides, long drives help us to reconnect. always. so we went. took photos in 100+ degree heat, dressed like it was still february, because that's when i bought our wardrobes for the february photo sesh that wasn't. as soon as we got there, the fourth born son started whimpering about needing to potty. and oh did he. he was taken to the bathroom by dad, who informed me via text, that the kid e'sploded out of his big boys, down his leg, onto his sock. bye bye undies, hello toilet paper stuffed butt crack. we took photos anyways, mud-butt and all. and since he is one whose brain explodes joy every 4.2 minutes, he was happy as a lark during the session.

but because of the poop e'splosion, we had to make a target stop for new big boys and shorts, because of course i forgot to bring extra clothes. then we could get dinner, then we could head home. so we drove the two+ hours back and got home and got in just before 10pm, telling the kids to shed their clothes and just go to bed. and so they did. grey, too. and speaking of, that baby is completely weaned as of last week (sniff sniff) and sleeping with his brothers and sleeping all night long on occasion. it has been over two years since i have slept through the night on a regular basis. do you even know how much i am looking forward to that? probably not. because it's a ridiculous amount of forward looking.

anyways, because of the long day yesterday and the okay sleep last night, i was cranky. but tomorrow is fresh and new and brand sparkly. and so better it shall be. because we are covered in grace and mercy and forgiveness. and what more does a new day need? other than fresh coffee and Jesus.

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I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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