Sunday, May 4, 2014

it's just.

you know that friend, the one you don't need to talk to everyday, every week, every month, and sometimes maybe even every year? but yet, when you do need to chat, it's like you just pick up right where you left off? no weird drama, no weird i haven't heard from so and so in forever, no weird anything? just hey let's chat and it's all okay because we're those friends that are friends no matter miles and distance, no matter the last time we chatted, no matter what's going on. you know those? those priceless peeps that love you and love on you even if it has been 64 days since your last communication?

i have one of those. she's such a dear friend. i'm pretty sure at one time we did, in fact, go a couple of years without any actual conversation. but then we did chat each other up, it was seriously no big deal, like we just chatted last week. i have one of those friends, for real. they're so rare, aren't they? i mean, i have a few of them. but this one here, she makes me feel affirmed, and cherished, and capable, and normal. she makes me feel normal. because our hearts are rightthere. kindred. knit together, as she likes to say. and i'm surprsied we aren't from the same bloodline. 

we got together last year for the first time in ten years and i felt on fire for homeschool again. i felt my spirit renewed. i felt my heart beat with joy. i felt the sister-connection we have always had, but in person. i felt refreshed in a way that is hard to put into words.

and when she came to visit me this year, in this dry, dry, dusty, treeless home of mine, i felt all those things again. we chat a lot. like, a lot. about wifery (that's a word, i made it up, so it's a word.
), about mommy-hood, about homeschool, about real, actual food, about yarn and crochet hooks, about gardening or my lack there-of, about real feelings and real life things that women are so, so afraid to talk about and say openly, about so much.

it's just... it's just. it's just.

and being with her in person again means that i have more drive for homeschool than i have had the last six months. it means i'm ready to conquer the homeschool world. it means i'm ready to be the mom-teacher my boys need. it means i am refueled and refreshed. 

and when i lock us out of my van because i'm putting chocolate in my purse before climbing out, because that's important, we chat the hour away while waiting for pop-a-lock man. and it's easy.

it's easy, y'all. a friendship that is easy and honest. that's the stuff. it really is.

{june 17, 2013. because we totally forgot to get photos before she left last week.}


  1. SO happy for you. Sound's like a great friend :)



I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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