Monday, May 12, 2014

ten on ten :: may 2014

hi. even though my focus is sort of not spot on right now, i just decided to not be frustrated and grab my camera anyways. and yes, grain. because, embrace the grain.

6am grocery shopping hydration.
because waking up early to go is better than 
taking five children midday.

7something. waiting for dad to take the four big kids to prayer breakfast.

8ish. my view. yogurt, baby breakfast, vacuum.

zee climber climbs.

most of the day was spent with my pinterest party girls and my baby boy.

my work in progress.

boys were home for a quick lunch before heading out again.

the finished pinterest inspired project. 
i sort of love it to the max.

post nap i'm-cranky-gimme-a-snack-on-the-counter toddler.
it was nearly 7 by this point, so light was loooow.

bedtime rides. it's the routine. 
the three little boys look forward to this every single night.

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