Friday, June 6, 2014

friday's top ten 06.06.2014

hello, lovelies. it's friday, hurray! 

so you'll never believe this, but i had a whole video made in order to do 
a video top ten today. and gah, i lost every bit of it! wah!
it was long, and not reproducible. is that word right? reproducible?
i dunno, i couldn't remake it either way.
sad day.

let's get to it.

1. i have neglected my blog severely. again. this is pretty much old news now. but i've also neglected my camera. still. and also old news.

2. i repainted the laundry area, and actually had a video tour, but... see above. but, it's in my garage and it was such an unattractive space. and i have had plans to jazz it up a bit for awhile, i finally just did it last week. it was a quick project, but worth it. i loathe walking out there a little less than before.

3. i am always having these ideas pop up in my head about what i want to be when i grow up. right now i'm a jewelry lady with Premier Designs, and i love it, i love being able to serve women and to make them feel pretty and put together, and i love that the company strives to honor God and serve others above all else. BUT there is this building in the perfect location in my town that would make the bestest coffee shop. i just need an investor to help me see my vision through, one who believes in and trusts me, one willing to take a risk.

then the other day, i had another idea. i would love to help women organize and clean up their closets. i want to come in and help them weed out what doesn't fit or is not needed/outdated. i want to help them make sure they have the basics, mix and match pieces, and a style they love hanging in their wardrobe. obviously, i want to make sure their accessories are not outdated either. it would just be fun. i know lots of ladies feel overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning out and downsizing their wardrobes, and i'd love to be the one to step in and help them love their closets again.

4. greyson can now push a chair to the back door, unlock the deadbolt and the doorknob, push the chair aside and walk his happy bee-hind out the door.

5. maybe you remember, but i have been saying i want to take up running. welp, i finally did. yes, for a couple of weeks now, i get up at 4:30am (ish) to run. i've been using a couch to 5k app and it's been a great tool. i admit, it. is. hard. but i am loving it. this chubby girl just wants to be fit. and hopefully when my husband's elbow is well, we can resume the high intensity workouts again.

6. i've been butting heads a lot with my eldest boy. i know some of it is pre-teen hormonal junk, but some of it, honestly, is just me, not knowing how to adjust to an older child. parenting, while beautiful, is still hard work. and sometimes i just don't know what to do.

7. i am going through a Bible study called Made to Crave. it is amazing. it's my second time around, and still, i find so much goodness in it. it's mostly about not letting food rule over you. like, if there are certain things you "could never give up," then perhaps food has a hold on you and you just won't admit it, or just genuinely don't see it. if food is your reward/comfort/earnings/happy place, then maybe it's time to see if food is you idol. food was my idol for so long. i have overcome emotional eating and thank Jesus for that.

8. y'all. it's hot.

9. in case i haven't updated you here, grey is no longer my wee little nursling (sniff sniff), and he sleeps peacefully through the night with his brothers. which means after over two years, i am sleeping through the night. hallelujah!

and 10. we had family photos made last month and i can not wait to get the prints in. aren't we cute?
(thank you, Jennifer}


  1. Organizing closets are fun! Getting people to let go... not so much. ;)
    When they can open doors it's a scary day. We now have all keyed entrances because of Little Man.

    And YES remake the video. :)

  2. Gosh I wanna be you. I love your openness and willingness.. along with your drive and determination. I want to be able to run. I want to be a runner so badly, I envy you for your want to be an entrepreneur. I hate working for "the man" but am not near creative or positive enough to go out on my own and truly do something I WANT to do. BTW- next time ya'll come home to Muldrow, come do my closet. Seriously. I just look in it and get overwhelmed.


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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