Friday, June 20, 2014

gallery wall.

back in february, we repainted our living room from a blue and brown to a brighter gray and white. i love it. but i didn't love this blank wall being blank. but we were supposed to have our photos made the same month, only sickness and weather made us push it back to may. and just a couple of weeks ago, i got a few of those photos in. so i gathered up all the things i've been collecting, ever so slowly, and started placing things on the gloriously empty wall.

there is no rhyme or reason to the order or placement of each piece, 
except that it fit in an empty spot.

i knew two things when i started: 
1: it would be random and asymetrical. 
2: it would be as wide or wider than the couch.
(scale is important when doing these things.
so, i made the gallery wall to fit the size of my wall.)

so i started with the big white frame, left of center. 
then decided which photos and print/painting would go in it.

then i went to the next white frame, then the arrow below.
both from michael's, as well as the birds, camera, and little word/heart bubbles.
birds on a wire photo clips from urban outfitters (also, wal-mart).

the small mirror and the clips on the photos and prints are from hobby lobby.

canvases were made by me and my little boys.
prints are from me, shopwitty, naptime diaries, and #shereadstruth.

family photos by the ever so lovely, Jennifer Pacheco Photography.

and then i made this little beauty.
and placed it to the right of the couch.
a little section of wall where it fit perfectly.
i ran out of this yarn and i want to get another skein to make it go up 
on both sides a little further. supplies were purchased from michael's.

that is my gallery wall makeover! 
don't be afraid to make holes in your walls
or to make "mistakes."
i had to remove a few wildly placed nails for a few of my pieces, 
but no one will care or even know.
i mean, except that i just told you.

make your home yours,
be bold,
go for it.

after all, you have to live there,
might as well make it beautifully you.

and for the love, 
if it's been a while since you've had family photos made,
go schedule a session now.
like, right now. 
who knows what tomorrow may hold.
get your memories and your beautiful family recorded.
now, GO!

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  1. Gah! I love your wise words. We just had family pics done after 3 years and I am ever so thankful! :)


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