Saturday, June 21, 2014

i completed #whole30. part 1


so one day, i went to and read all the reads and looked at all the charts
and decided...

...hey, i'm going to do this. 

so i told my husband, about a week-ish before about it
and told him he was welcome to join me.
or not. no pressure.
either way, i was going all in.

i posted on my facebook that i was going to be doing this
half expecting no one to respond
(because that's normal for me).

but lo and behold, 
i did have a few peeps who wanted to join.
each had their own reasons.

and a few days before day one,
my dr. pepper dependent husband came home and said,
"i'm in."

well, okay, then.
let's do it.

so do you get to eat on this crazy plan?
um, heck to the yes.
i ate so much. 
and guess what.
my bloating and stomach/digestive issues cleared right up over the past thirty days.
(turns out grains of all sorts were killing my gut).
for me, personally, that is my greatest success.


i am one happy chicken if i eat the same lunch erryday,
it doesn't bother me one bit.
so i mostly did.

wanna see?

 a few staples to learn quickly:

-homemade mayo.
-homemade almond milk.
-homemade coffee creamer.
-potato substitutes are plantains or cauliflower.
-rice substitutes are cauliflower rice.
-pasta subs are zoodles or spaghetti squash.
-homemade turkey sausage
*works better with 85/15, don't even bother with the super lean ground turkey.
-and compliant bacon is at your local health food store.
*stock up, because the store will run out fast if it's the only bacon in town approved. like here.

view my Pinterest for all of these plus more recipes.
 and create your own #whole30 board to make finding your recipes easier.
get some buddies and make a facebook group, like i did.
i created one and we all shared our daily-ish food journals.
it helped to share our struggles and successes. 
i would highly recommend doing that.

and read every inch of seriously, the resources are amazing.

and please make sure if you do this you get a meat protein at every. single. meal.
it will fuel you til the next meal, give you more energy,
and should help you stave off those snacky cravings.

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