Thursday, June 19, 2014

thirty-two years.

i just completed my thirty-second trip around the sun. 


and i keep spotting grays that glisten ever so brightly as i quickly fix my hair.

eh, i don't mind. 

i mean, the bible does say, "gray hair is a crown of glory."

i'll take it. i'm 32. and i love it.

i know there are many negative things that come with getting older, 
but i'm pretty sure the positive outweigh them by a million.

i'm so much wiser now. and if i could talk to my 16, 18, 21, 25
year old selves, i'd have a lot to say. i don't know everything.
i do know i've been through a lot in my short life, some things
i would not wish on my mortal enemy. some things, i wish everyone
living would experience. there's a lot of hope in my life. there's permanent 
crinkles in my forehead now, even when my brows are relaxed. i so love that.
(fyi: i think forehead wrinkles are, like, the bestest things ever. it's seriously 
one of my favorite things in life.)

aging is beautiful. we were meant to age. God made us so.
so then, why complain, or lie, or fight it?
don't. seriously, don't. 
if you don't want to "age," then take care of yourself.
stop eating sugar, msg, bad fats, over processed junk, gmo's, and drink more water.
eat healthy, and real, actual food. from the ground. from [healthy] animals.
 make wise decisions.
and exercise. 

my thirties so far have been my favorite.
and i'm only three years in. i wonder what's in store for the rest of them.
it should be fun. and exciting. and the best years thus far.
either way, embrace your age, my friends. 
take all those things you see as a negative and see them as a sign of a life well lived.

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  1. I will take these words of wisdom and tuck them away in my heart because I need to be reminded that with every year, I only get wiser. It's just so hard to look at those crow's feet every morning.


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