Friday, August 29, 2014

friday's top ten 08.29.2014

oh hey there, you.

it's time for a long, overdue edition of top ten.

1. erm... grey is slightly addicted to the Pepi Tree app. juuuust slightly.
and he's kid number five. so basically, 
he gets away with everything.

2. we just completed our first week of the '14-15 school year. 
this marks year 4 of doing school at home for us. 
and you can read more about this year here and here. it went pretty well, i suppose. 
i mean, we didn't really stop school except when the kids were in OK
and during the week before this one.

3. i used my big camera more this month. and i'm happy i did. 
hopefully i can continue the trend over the weekend.

4. wait. were you hoping to see faces of my kids in this post? 
so sorry. i like to shoot people and chop off their heads.
{ha ha ha ha}

5. pret-ty sure God is all like.
"yo. hey.
so. here it is: 
go and get women 
and start a fellowshipy 
time of Bible study with them.
talk about real stuff and cultivate some good relationships."

and i'm over here all....
"nope. it's too scary.
okay, maybe. 
but are you sure me?
oh geez, but are you really sure.
still scary.
okayfine. you win.

6. why can't i sleep as much as her?
and why has my body all of a sudden decided that sleeping in is 7:30.

7. oh, friends, big, scary things are about to go down up in here.

8. also greyson.
the toddler chub.
i may be okay with him getting bigger, 
but why, oh why, must the chub go away.
and the moobs. toddler moobs 4 lyfe.

9. i am basically loving my life as a jewelry lady. 
and a major thank you to all who have supported me in some way.
prayer, purchasing, encouragement, love, kudos, what have you. 
thanks. f'real. thank you.
the profit i earn seriously goes towards either debt, food (because five boys),
or things the boys need.

10. it's labor day weekend.  because you did not know that.
and unrelated, i have decided to be more intentional about my friendships. 
quality time. i. need. it. major-like.
because it's crazy how you can be surrounded by peeps, 
but still feel lonely.

enjoy your weekend, lovely friends.



  1. This made me smile :) I've missed your top 10 posts!
    And #5? Go for it girl! I get the scary part. But think of what a blessing your obedience to the Lord on this could be in someone's life (and yours too!).

  2. ooooh I am so intrigued by numero 7! is it a good thing or not so much? and also, LOL @ moobs...haha! on a sidenote: i fine it extremely easy to snap pics with my big girl camera BUT tedious to make them go into my computer and then edit them. I think I would love it if my computer wasn't so finicky and slow...any suggestions on making that feeling go away or just plain bypass that? i miss blogging.... :'(
    anyways, i would totally join you in your bible study. totally.

    1. the tedious part.. yessss. it's why i basically only use light room now. except when i batch watermark + resize my images.

      i have totally considered a virtual bible study. but i'm not sure it'll actually happen. we shall see.


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