Tuesday, August 5, 2014

greyson is T W O!

i love toddlers and birthday candles. i so do. oh my.
i just think it's so darn adorable to watch a wee lad blow out his birthday candles.

and honestly, i cannot believe my baby, my meanie, my fifth, 
my L A S T born
is actually two. it's been two years since i was last pregnant.
and just for the record, that is actually, a record.
because until now, i have only gone 18 months with a baby in the womb.

bittersweet, knowing that chapter of child birthing has closed.
and what a fiery little soul to go out on.

i like that nearly all of our birthday celebrations look just like this. 
the birthday boy in the middle, and the brothers surrounding him,
all together on the same side of the table.

and since i *never* take my kids to the doctor unless they are a redonk amount of ill, 
i had to show them how all this doctory stuff is used.

happy birthday (a month later) my sweet, spitfire. 
may you always have a big personality, 
a strong, stubborn will,
and the drive to go after what you want.

i love you.

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