Sunday, August 31, 2014

ipad thief.

nearly every night, either right before bed, or after we've put the boys down 
(and grey has gotten back up),
this boy will crawl up in my still made bed and thief whatever ipad 
is charging beside my bed.
mostly, it's mine.
but this is the boys' here.
and he knows exactly what app he wants (Pepi Tree)
or he plays iTunes or Pandora.

i dunno, perhaps he's watched mom and dad a time or two unwind before bed?
because, seriously, kid has been sleeping with us more times than not lately.
because he won't stay in his own bed.

and let's talk about that chub.
gimme all the toddler cub.
chomp chomp.

also, i have been reading this book called Wild Things.
it's about nurturing boys, 
and i've already found it to be completely helpful in understanding my boys.
and now i'm just thinking... why did no one ever tell about this book?!
if you have boys, start reading it now.
like, yesternow.

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