Tuesday, August 26, 2014

oh, you, homeschool, you.

so, we have started back at it as of monday.

and this year is going to look a lot different than year's past.
the thing is,
i was looking entirely too far ahead and worrying about all the knowledge they needed for college,
when i needed to be focused on the now.

God will not let you be at peace if you are not doing things the way he wants you to.
so we had all these books and curricula that i just piled on, 
because they need to know this and this and this and this.

and it was all too much. for them and for me. 
so i researched.
big time.
and decided that the Charlotte Mason Method is going to work best for us.
so basically, we are going to focus hard on our subjects in the mornings, 
spending no more than 20 or 30 minutes on each one.
(i updated my homeschool tab up top to reflect what we are using this year).

the afternoons will be spent exploring other things:
art, music, nature, crafting and skills, whatever they can think of.
yarn projects, sewing, dream catcher making, planting and growing, cooking.

i'm looking forward to it this year. and as of now,
i'm undecided about whether we will go year 'round again, 
or break for summer. 

and on mondays, we will library it up, 
fridays are going to be for field tripping, park playing,
just getting out of the house.
i want to be better about that this year. 
PPD has left the building and i want to get out more now, 
and so do they.

and to keep track of what we are doing each day,
i have decided not to plan my week out like i used to.
instead, i am writing down the things they have done that day.
and if we don't get to everything (like today, history was not done)
then so be it. 

i feel like God wanted me to let go of the rigidity i was holding tight to. 
he basically said, relax, and let them be. let them play. let them learn in a more organic way.
i said, Yes Sir. because i was so burnt out.

so mornings are for curriculum. 
and if we don't get to it all. 
then that's okay, there's always tomorrow.

happy homeschooling, 
public schooling,
university model schooling,
charlotte mason schooling,
whatever-makes-you-happy schooling.

a good year to you!


  1. Brooke, that sounds so perfect... prayers that the school year goes amazing for you all.

  2. i love seeing you grow in your homeschool adventures. i love watching your strong force academy feed :) i have been struggling with the public school/homeschool thing so much lately...like you said, God doens't let you be at peace if you're not doing things the way he wants you to.


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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